Melanotaenia susii (male) - photo© Laurent Pouyaud

Melanotaenia susii

Kadarusman, Hubert & Pouyaud, 2015
Susi Creek Rainbowfish

Species Summary
The body colour of Melanotaenia susii is variable, from olive-green to intense black dorsally. The lateral flanks are mauve on the upper half of body and reddish on the lower half. A discontinuous midlateral dark olive-green stripe with 1 scale row in the middle part of the body and 2 scales rows on caudal peduncle; 3-5 dark olive green vertical bars on anterior body region with 1-6 scales width and extending from dorsal to ventral edges. Pectoral fins translucent with black rays; pelvic fin reddish-black; anal fin overall dark with blue rays and with a reddish posterior tip; dorsal fins black with a marked red margin. The colour pattern of the females is less vivid. The species is named susii, with reference to the collecting locality, Susi Creek.

Melanotaenia susii (female) - photo© Laurent Pouyaud

Distribution & Habitat
Melanotaenia susii is currently known only from Susi Creek. Susi Creek is located on the road from Sorong to Ajamaru, 12 km after the frontier post between Sorong and Sorong Selatan Regencies. Susi Creek is a karst resurgence of less than 3 metres width with a course of a few kilometres before disappearing in a subterranean outlet. The habitat locality consisted of clear, shallow and slow flowing water. The creek flows over limestone boulder and muddy bottom with many dead tree branches, and is bordered by dense forest. Physical water parameters at the collecting locality on May 2007 were: water temperature 26°C; pH 7.7; conductivity 330 µS.

Nugraha M.F.I., Kadarusman, N. Hubert, J.C. Avarre, R.K. Hadiaty, J. Slembrouck, O. Carman, Sudarto, R. Ogistira and L. Pouyaud (2015) Eight new species of Rainbowfishes (Melanotaeniidae) from the Birds Head Region, West Papua, Indonesia. Cybium 39(2): 99-130.

Adrian R. Tappin
July, 2015

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Melanotaenia susii